Paint jobs in all sorts and sizes

A good paintjob needs a professional. Since 1996 Van der Heiden Schilderwerken in The Hague delivers the highest quality possible. For any kind of paintjob, big or small, you can rely on us. Some examples of what we do:

• Indoor and outdoor paintjobs

• Wall finish

• Spraying techniques on different kinds of materials

• Maintenance, repair and support

More then paintjobs

It's not only a matter of scrubbing and painting. As an allround painting company we help you with all preporations before the actual painting starts, for example:

• Setting glass (including stained glass)

• Rotten wood repair

• Fire and water damage

• Wallpaper

Color advice from the painter

Are you ready for something else? Choosing a new color for your paintjob can be tough. Van der Heiden Schilderwerken advices you on this matter including making previews so you'll have an impression before you decide what the final color will be.

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